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Personally I believe in God but this site is not about selling God and the 10 commandments, that’s up to you and if you don’t that makes you worth no more or less than me or anybody else. You may be a child, you may be an adult, you may be black, white or identify as anything else. You may be straight, gay or not identify with either. You may be what some identify as a snob or what others identify as rough or anything between. You may come from a wealthy family or you may be homeless. That matters little to me as you are just as important as the queen of England. I believe in karma, God, aliens and that all life should be respected. Generally for every bad thing that happens if you wait for long enough a good thing will come about to match it. I believe if you help others generally should the need arise one day somebody will help you. On the other hand if you chose to hurt others your actions will normally if you wait for long enough come back to bight you in the behind.

What follows is a selection of short videos that I have been lucky enough to find on the internet, please watch a few as they teach so many lessons that I as a child was never taught.

For every bad non educational or scam thing found on the internet there is a good educational thing to match.

I don't know how I found this guy but I've yet to see any videos on his site that don't teach a valuable lesson.
These are lessons that by my experience they don't seem to teach in schools.
If you want to see more click here.

Sorry I could not help myself and had to get some God in there somewhere.
This video was borrowed from here where no doubt you can find some more

This guy speaks a lot of sense.