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What do you think happened when I requested a simple apology?

Chief of Legal Department,
Surrey County Council
County Hall, Penrhyn Rd,
Kingston upon Thames

24th August 2019

Some time ago, about 8 years now I made a complaint to Surrey County Council with respect to their not following up 3 complaints about a boarding school I was placed into in the early 80's. I also had something to say about the way G***** A**** School mismanaged issues with my eldest son after he started the school in 2007/8 and they clearly and falsely accused me of abusing him. Eventually after a lot of jumping up and down I received an apology from G***** A**** School (Although not in writing) and to use the words of their head "There is no excuse..." I recorded the meeting and it can be found on my website

Now just to make it clear I am making no threat, neither am I asking for a pay out but what I am asking for is an unreserved written apology from the Chief executive of Surrey County Council for their failing to provide their services with reasonable care and skill following up on my mothers 3 written complaints about Berrow Wood School in 1985/6. Complaints they conveniently lost. No doubt the council by not filing these complaints as you might expect now has a skewed report on the efficiency and quality of services it palms off to others. These complaints can be found in the book offered for download on my website Now with the greatest respect to your Mr Gordon Walker who expressed regrets about the abuse I experienced in this school, that is not an apology from the council for their failing to provide their services with reasonable care and skill is it!

Following the conviction of the paedophile who interfered with me when I was in Berrow Wood I am now in what you might call a better place to voice my complaint against Surrey County Council. According to posts found on the 'needle blog' I am not the only adult with this complaint. You can find relevant copy's of the same on my website.

Now unless you care to correct me it is not yet illegal in this country for its citizens to make a peaceful demonstration and with this in mind I intend should I not get my unreserved written apology from Surrey County Council to make the same with my website, any newspaper who has the bottle to accept my adverts and my trailer (picture enclosed) Now I don't profess to know the legalities of what I intend to do but the police, G***** A**** School, the CPS and various others have seen my website and have some idea of what I intend to do. What I am asking you is do you object to my demonstration either on a legal, ethical or a discriminatory level.

I have already placed an advert for my site in the Sun newspaper and if I do not hear from you or the police to the contrary within the next 14 days I shall take my demonstration to the next level by parking my trailer in Woodrough Avenue near G***** A**** School early one morning. No doubt some of the students will see it and discus the same with their parents as well as potentially posting pictures of the same via various sites on the internet.

I would also like to ask you if you have any objections to my running a story on my website about that caretaker Auger? Who worked for G***** A**** School and was convicted of sexually abusing young girls. Not to mention the teacher who worked for G***** A**** School. Arron Dale who was reportedly searching for pornographic material involving children as well as meeting children out of school hours. Just do a google search for 'G***** a**** school abuse' and you will, once you get past the student who stabbed another student with a pair of scissors find the reports to which I reefer. I think my website can also be found using this search on about the 4th page. Just to make it clear I am making no threat to you or G***** A**** School what I am protesting about is what I see as the injustice of your inability and refusal to make a simple apology to me and my mother for your clearly failing in your duty of care to me when I was a child in 1985!

Assuring you of my best attention at all times D*******

Dear Mr ************** Your concerns have been passed to me as Customer Relations Officer for the South West Area.

I am so very sorry to read of the experiences you have shared. In order to fully investigate and to undertake a comprehensive search of our historical files, it would be helpful to know if you were known by any other names.

If you could please let me know as soon as possible, I can then take this forward.

Best Wishes

Caroline ********** Customer Relations Officer

Customer Engagement Service Quality and Performance Children, Families, Lifelong Learning and Culture Surrey County Council

From: D********** [mailto:d**********] Sent: 12 September 2019 19:05 To: Caroline **********; **********; D********** Subject: RE: Surrey County Council

Hi Caroline and thankyou for your message.

I was born '********************' 30/3/1970 and took my mothers maiden name in 1983 or there abouts. My mother has also been known by the surname ********** but I have never used this name (my stepfather)

At the time I was excluded from Bushy Hill Junior school in 1982 and placed in Berrow Wood we lived at 6 ********** Cottages Epsom Road ********** ********** And my name was Warnett Sorry I don't have a clue who the social worker was but the head of Bush Hill School was a Miss Wood

I hope that helps


Sent from Mail for Windows 10

From: Caroline ********** Sent: 16 September 2019 08:33 To: D********** ; ********** Subject: RE: Surrey County Council

Dear Mr ********

Thank you for coming back to me with details of your birth name and other information.

I will now investigate further and come back to you.

Best Wishes

Caroline **********

From: Caroline ********** Sent: 19 September 2019 15:22 To: D**********; ********** Subject: FW: Surrey County Council

Dear Mr **********

Further to my email below, I have now found, albeit a small file, in the name of D********** which I believe is yours. The date of birth and address match the information you provided to me below.

If you want to view this file, as part of the process we need certain documents as proof of identity.

I will need the following:

A copy of your birth certificate. A copy of the document when you changed your name from D ******to D************ A copy of an utility bill less than 3 months old or your Council Tax bill with your address.

Please let me know if you wish to proceed.

Just to let you know, I am out of the office until Monday 23rd September 2019. So if I don't contact you before next week I am sorry.

Best Wishes

Caroline **********

From: D**********[mailto:d**********@**********] Sent: 19 September 2019 19:11 To: Caroline **********; **********; **********@**********; office@g*****a****; **********<**********@**********> Subject: RE: Surrey County Council

Thankyou for that Caroline and please excuse me if I go off on one (I understand you are trying to help) but that is not what I am looking for. Just to make it clear as it would seem you were maybe not aware of the complaint I'm making.

See /new/finishedindex.php (optimised for mobile phone view) and the earlier of which will go live either without or with an apology from the council sometime after the 15 of next month. I am also working on another project which is in testing at the moment and can be found here ********** and I will put my complaint on there too prior to spending a lot of money and time promoting it.

Then there is my book that can be found here ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0? _encoding=UTF8&qid =1568911457&sr=8-1 Not to mention my trailer with its 10' x 5' banner and the 6' x 3' banner for the roof of my car that the police inform me would not be illegal should I use it for a peaceful demonstration say by parking it legally outside various schools.

What I am looking for is a written apology from the chief exec of Surrey County Council for the council not following up the complaints, 3 made by my parents in 1985/6 about berrow wood school when my mother removed me from the school under a threat of prosecution knowing I was shall we say terrified of returning. She wrote to the council, the only people she could stating 'this can't be the cause of his disappearance' when the school came out with some fictional story to explain my absconding The council did not A arrange for me to finish my schooling elsewhere and B did not even arrange for a social worker or similar to visit me. I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON FROM berrow wood WITH THIS COMPLAINT ABOUT SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL and make no mistake I'm livid about things. see https://theneedleblog.wordpress. com/operation-greenlight/south-west-england/gloucestershire/berrow-wood-approved-school/

Then there is the recording where some representative from Surrey County Council tried to have me believe a social worker forced onto my family by G***** A**** School tried a number of times to make a phone call for my son to his scout leader following issues he experienced after starting the school in 2007. A statement that I knew was a lie as I, A, had a copy of a letter from the social workers stating 'the social worker at no time agreed to contact a scout leader' and B, had already been into the council offices and read his social care file from cover to cover and there was no mention of it!

Not to mention the money I spent moving home in 2006/7 in order to get my children in one of supposedly the best schools in surrey only to have the school refuse on 5 occasions to make a phone call for my son to his scout leader. A CHILD THE SCHOOL WERE BEING PAID A LOT OF EXRTRA MONEY TO SUPPPORT. Not to mention my being falsely accused of abusing the lad by a work to rule special needs teacher who's only answer to his issues was to give it all to a social worker and get on with something else seemingly at just about every opportunity.

I suffered a nervous breakdown in 2008 directly caused by what I see as the incompetence of my son' s social worker telling my an organisation CAMHS who I did not want anywhere near my son were without even meeting him of the opinion he should be in care because they thought without even meeting me or him that I may be abusing him. G***** A**** school taught my son to be a victim from the minute he walked through the door because they did not listen to the people who knew him best. I can tell you it has caused him so many issues not to mention the breakup of my family. And why? Because they refused point blank to make a simple phone call for a child they stated was in need and his special needs teacher falsely accused me of abusing him using this as an excuse not to make a phone call for him at my 5th request!

Then there is in 2008 when as he was not being set homework I took a folder of work he had been doing for me only to be told 'it looks like a different child' and still he received no homework and I was not involved further in his education.

Then there is the time in 2008 I went into G***** A**** school telling them I had extra funding (via the lads aunt) and the potential of outside teaching staff being available to help him with his education and nobody got back to me about it!

Now I got an apology from G***** A**** School eventually all be it not in writing but I recorded the meeting and it can be found on my website above

SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL HAVE FAILED IN THEIR DUTY OF CARE TO ME AND TO MY SON AND I WANT AN APOLOGY! If I don't get it my site goes live without an apology and I start my peaceful demonstration. If I do get it I would only have a story to tell and less to complain about would I not?

Yours sincerely


From: Caroline ********** Sent: 23 September 2019 15:11 To: D********** Subject: RE: Surrey County Council

Dear Mr **********

Thank you for your email below.

Please do not apologise for "going off on one". Part of my role is to try to understand concerns that are shared with the Council. So thank you for taking the time to explain further. I cannot even begin to understand how you must be feeling.

I have discussed your email with, Jessica Brooke, Customer Relations Manager earlier today. Jessica is meeting with her manager to decide as to how we best address the issues you have raised.

Either myself or Jessica will come back to you by Monday 30th September 2019.

In the meantime if you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Best Wishes

Caroline **********

From: D**********[mailto:**********] Sent: 04 October 2019 08:10 To: Caroline **********; **********; **********; office@g*****a****; ********** Subject: RE: Surrey County Council

Hello Caroline, I hope the day meets you well. I did send you an email last week but maybe your server rejected it as it contained a 20 MB attachment.

Amway the 30th September has well passed and ive heard nothing. I wont say I'm a little disappointed rather annoyed.

Maybe you can pass that onto the pa of the chief exec of Surrey County Council.

Yours sincerely

D******* ?

On 4 Oct 2019 10:05, Jessica ********** wrote: Dear D**********

Caroline is away from the office today and I have just picked up your email. To be totally honest I totally omitted to update Caroline following my meeting with my Service Manager Jo **********

What we have discovered is that we do have records relative to contacts about your son; we have found a single file with very little detail in it that appears to relate to you (it has a different name and I know Caroline liaised with you around this).

I have asked my colleagues in Information Governance to see if they can find any other archived records that may assist us in established what did and didn't happen that I can then share with my Assistant Director so that he can take a view and formally respond to the concerns you shared.

Can I please ask that you bear with us, when it comes to archives it does take a wee while to ensure we have checked all our records and haven't missed any files. Caroline is due back in the office on Monday and I can liaise with her then to find out where our colleagues in IG have got to and then provide you with an update later in the week.

I am sorry as it must feel like we are dragging our heels and all I can do is assure you that we are not and ask that you please bear with us so we can ensure that we have covered all bases in terms of looking for your records and can then move on from there.

Either Caroline or I will contact you by Friday 11th October even if we haven' t got an 'update' as such but at least then you will know we haven't forgotten you.

Warm regards


From: d**********[mailto:d**********] Sent: 04 October 2019 11:27 To: Jessica ********** Subject: Re: FW: Surrey County Council PLEASE READ

Thank you for that Jessica sent via my mobile phone so may include typo and bad grammar

From: Caroline ********** Sent: 10 October 2019 13:57 To: d********** Subject: FW: D **********

Dear Mr **********

Further to Jessica's email to you of 4th October 2019, my colleagues in Information Governance, having gone through the files have confirmed that there are no other files in either of your names apart from the one already located.

If you wish to access this file, we will need the following forms of ID: A copy of your birth certificate. A copy of the document when you changed your name from D********** to D********** A copy of photographic id (passport or driving license) A copy of an utility bill less than 3 months old or your Council Tax bill with your address. If you could please forward these to me, I can get the process started. Part of the process when making a Subject Access Request (SAR) is that any third party information needs to be redacted. I just wanted to make you aware of this. Once the redactions have been completed, you can either have a copy of the file sent to you or come into the office to view it. I am just checking with my colleagues in Information Governance as to how soon the redaction can be completed and I will come back to you. Best Wishes

Caroline **********

From: D********** [mailto:d**********] Sent: 13 October 2019 09:04 To: Caroline **********; office@G*****a****; **********; D********** Subject: RE: D **********

I'd hate to have your job dealing with the whining public trying to keep the peace and respect to you for it. Something I simply could not do as I would find myself flying off the handle at various others. Now with the greatest respect I really don't care what files you may have about me and berrow wood school or for that matter my son and G***** a**** school. I'm interested in facts I can prove and I have put them to the council in what I think is a clear and respectful manor.

Fact 1 i was excluded from bushy hill school in 1982
Fact 2 Surrey County council only offered berrow wood school as a potential alternative school suggesting they were trained and capable of looking after me and were trained to look after children with special needs.
Fact 3 The council had already received a number of complaints about this school suggesting they were abusing children.
Fact 4 I was sexually abused in this school by a housemaster known as barry hastings who was on the 16th of October this year jailed for 7 years for his crime against me.
Fact 5 My mother and stepfather wrote no less than 3 letters of complaint to surrey county council suggesting abuse in the school. One that clearly stated 'this can't be the cause of his disappearance' when the school came out with some fictional story to explain my absconding.
Fact 6 The council did not reply to my stepfathers 3rd letter.
Fact 7 The council knew I was not attending school and made no provision for me to finish my education other than to threaten my mother with legal action for removing me from berrow wood, this when she was clearly and politely asking them for help.
Fact 7 The council conveniently lost all the correspondence.
Fact 8 i suffered a nervous breakdown and spent time in hospital in 2007/8 after being falsely accused of abusing my own child by a school and social worker who despite 6 clear and polite requests refused to make a simple phone call for him. Rather suggesting via some others who had not even met him that he should be in care.
Fact 9 in 2008 I asked both the council and G***** a**** school for a simple apology. The council after spending best part of 2 month then wrote to me explaining the procedures of the council were clearly not up to standard in 1985 and as such they don't owe me an apology. Mr Moloney the head of G***** a**** school wrote to me expressing shock at my complaint denying the school had ever made a child abuse allegation totally sidestepping my complaint and suggesting he was unsure for what he would be apologising for.
Fact 10 I registered a website a placed where I intend on sharing my story with others.
Fact 11 being the reasonable person I like to think I am I again wrote to surrey county council (and copied to the police) requesting again an apology. That was well before the end of August. It is now getting on towards the middle of October and I'm still waiting for my apology.

Fact 12 You now (by your own words) have all the information you need to determine whether Surrey County Council owe me an apology for their failing in their duty of care to me when I was a child.

Fact 13 I will publish either this email and all the correspondence below on my website under the heading 'What do you think happened when I requested a simple apology' or if I ever get the apology this email and the correspondence below under the heading 'Things to have to do to get an apology'


Dear Mr **********

Thank you for your email below.

I have met with Jessica ********** Customer Relations Manager this morning to discuss your email. Jessica is meeting with her manager tomorrow and needs to discuss how we take your concerns forward. Therefore, Jessica will come back to you by Monday 21st October 2019.

I did not mean to offend you in relation to your file and if I did I am very sorry. However, should you wish to have access please let me know.

Best Wishes

Caroline **********

To: Caroline********; jessica.******; office@g*****a****;
**********; D************;

Well ladies it would seem you have failed to contact me by another of your own deadlines. With this in mind I have updated my website and come Wednesday night assuming a legal space available near G***** A**** School I will park my car and trailer in Woodrough Avenue near the school.

I have also paid a lot of money having my book narrated for publication on iTunes and audacity. In the mean time I have had the recording (and other made elsewhere) made into a picture disk and I intend to send a free copy to every secondary school head in Surrey to start with. It comes with an a5 flyer as good as matching the front page of the website and this printed on the reverse.

*** ***

Dear sir/madam
I am writing to you in the hope I could help give you and your staff more of an insight into the reality of child abuse. I am sending this to all your peers across Surrey to gauge the response prior to the whole country with the intention of giving you access to my recently published book.
My audiobook is on the enclosed CD and shares my experience of child abuse and the aftereffects of the same. Terrifyingly (as I am sure you are aware) 1 in 20 adults have suffered childhood sexual abuse first-hand. (Via the NSPCC)

I am making this available to you so you can have access my story that highlights many of the challenges I have faced up until the conviction of my abuser this year (2019). This insight I believe may enable you and your staff to be even more aware of signs that some of your pupils might be experiencing or indeed perhaps some of your peers or parents of children under your care.

I send this with the open intention of it being of some use. If you do not see it as useful then respect to you and please send the CD back to me in enclosed envelope. Or if you require more info or perhaps are curious in talking more then please do feel free to contact me.

I am doing this so far as I see as my Christian duty to others and each CD has cost me just short of £10 to produce. Now I don't expect to make a profit as that is far from the intention but if you would like to make a donation please visit

Yours kindly.

D * Warnett

Now with the greatest respect to everybody concerned I think it only a matter of time before Google pick it up and my adverts take effect. OK i'm a nobody living in an X council house in a pretty rough part of Guildford but even on this estate bad news travels like a rash.

Now to make it clear I'm very annoyed and I intend whilst keeping within the law to make my annoyance known to as many people as possible. Let's make it clear my annoyance is not so much with that dirty old paedophile who abused me in 1985. My annoyance is firmly with G***** A**** School for in 2007/8 refusing to make a simple phone call for my autistic son and not so much that useless social worker they forced onto my family but their whole attitude of passing the buck to somebody else. The bottom line it that I had all the help my son needed on the end of the phone then the state got hold of him and taught him the benifits of being of making yourself out to be a victim.

I told the council as far back as August of my intentions as good as calling their bluff as to the potential of their getting some sort of court order stopping me from doing the same. I also informed the police of my intentions and they advised me such a demonstration would not be illegal.

D************* (D******* Warnett) Sent from Mail for Windows 10

From: Jessica ******
Sent: 30 October 2019 15:48
To: d****@****
Subject: Complaint Update

Dear D******

I agree, we did miss our own deadlines and I am sorry that this happened. Whilst I can explain that this was not a deliberate oversight and further that Caroline was unexpectedly away from the office due to ****************, this will not in any way shape or form compare to the poor experience that you have shared with us. I have no common frame of reference to even begin to understand what you and your family have been through and anything I say is likely to feel like platitudes to you.

What I can share at the moment is that Caroline has made enquiries with our colleagues in Information Governance who oversee our record keeping. Caroline took these steps to see what records we do hold about you that may shed some light on the decisions and actions that were made during your childhood that we could then share with you in the hope that these may help you to understand what happened and why. Regrettably we were only able to locate a single file which contains limited information. I know Caroline has already shared this insight with you and that you clarified that you were looking for an acknowledgement of our errors and commissions and an apology for the impact that these then had on you.

The offer to share the content of the files (albeit redacted for third party information) remains on the table. In the interim I will share the file with my Assistant Director, Luke Entwistle, together with your concerns and request for an unreserved apology. Luke will then be best placed to consider your concerns and respond formally on behalf of the Council. As an Assistant Director Luke does have several calls upon his time and does prioritise accordingly. I will highlight your concerns and ask him to respond as soon as practically possible and no later than 15th November 2019.

I repeat my sincere apologies for the delay in progressing this for you.

In the interim if you prefer to continue with the actions you describe below that is your prerogative and as such it is not for me to condone or seek to dissuade you from such action; it is a matter of choice and for you to take forward as you see fit.

My very best wishes


Jessica *******
Customer Relations Manager

Quality and Performance
Children, Families, Lifelong Learning and Culture
Surrey County Council

Team line: 01483 ******

DD: 01483 *******
Mobile: 0789******
Email: Jessica.*******

Hello Jessica, Caroline, Luke and others I hope the day meets you all well I can’t say the same I’m afraid. I mean I’m fit and healthy but somewhat annoyed.

Once again the council has missed a deadline for bringing my complaint to a conclusion. Whilst I accept that Caroline and Jessica may understand my position and for that matter some staff at George Abbot school it would seem as in the past once you get above the staff on the front line into a manager or managers managers roll or head of department my complaint has far less weight.

I sometimes wonder if the managers roll is to wind up a complainant to the point they fly off the handle so they can be made out to be unreasonable?

Well I can see that some might call it unreasonable to park a car outside a school with a big black doom and gloom poster stating paedophile jailed? After all it might be that some less than bright people might assume the paedophile came from the school the vehicle is parked outside? With that in mind I have registered another website. They say that money talks and having that I have not donated anything to the NSPCC this year after having a standing order for £40 a month in the past I feel somewhat guilty like I owe them £500? Put it all together and I have come up with a new idea that I will put into action Thursday next week.

Now I might sound like a bit of a mental case in the recording made at George Abbot School just trying to get anybody in authority to make a phone call for my son but I think its the right thing to do. If I can plug childline at the same time all the better. It will cost me £500 but so be it and as I see things there is little chance of my money going to anybody other than the NSPCC once you read the terms and conditions on the website.

I have received back 15 of the 50 odd CD’s I sent out so maybe will sell them on EBAY? I have also had my book narrated and its available on audible ( with 2 recordings made at George abbot school) and soon to be available on iTunes and others.

Not my doing but my book has made it onto whoever they are

Maybe when I park my car in Sainsburys carpark for a day or Tesco or maybe in Guildford high street (it would be worth it for a parking ticket) one of your managers will see fit to talk to Joan Killian? And have her write me a heartfelt apology on behalf of the council for the council not applying their services with reasonable care and skill in 1985 after my parents wrote 3 letters of complaint asking for help from the council with respect to my placement in Berrow Wood School!

And lets not steer away from my complaint! Can you think about it and maybe have a few nightmares about it, that is my suffering the injustice of being placed into a boarding school age 12, 150 miles away from the only person I as a child trusted, my mother where I found myself along with a number of other children being abused. Then when I found myself in bed with a paedophile as the dirty lowlife tried to stick his thing up my behind. Just imagine I were your son or daughter and you wrote 3 letters of complaint to the authorities who not only just blanked your complaint but threatened you with legal action for removing your child from the place of abuse. Then they lost all the paperwork! WOULD YOU NOT EXPECT AN APOLOGY!

Well to be blunt and to the point if I don’t get my apology by next Thursday I’m going to litter facebook with pictures of my car and I’m going to post door to door my leaflets throughought various addresses in Guildford.

Yours and you might say I’ve hit the roof

D***** *******

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The councils official reply

Dear Mr ********
Thank you for your email, I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed by my response.

I would like to reiterate the previous offer of facilitating access to your childrens services records that my colleagues have located as this may assist to clarify the rationale that informed my earlier response.

Please let me know if this is something you would like to do and I will ask Caroline to make the necessary arrangements.

Best regards

Luke Entwistle
Assistant Director - Quality Relationships
Children, Families & Learning
Surrey County Council
Penrhyn Road
Kingston Upon Thames

From: Darren ****** [mailto:d****************.uk] Sent: 07 December 2019 01:09 To: Luke Entwistle ; **********; ***********; Caroline ********** <***************>;; Joanna Killian ; Emma ****** <***********> Subject: RE: Response to your Concerns Raised From: D*********** [mailto:*********] Sent: 07 December 2019 01:09 To: Luke Entwistle ; **********; ***********; Caroline ************ <********************>;; Joanna Killian ; Emma ****** <**********> Subject: RE: Response to your Concerns Raised

Hello Luke and I hope the day meets you well, I have read the file copy attached and I can see where you are coming from with respect to my placement a place away from my family. I also understand after similar experiences with my own son how this can and sometimes is beneficial. That said I question why there are so many blank pages.

I see myself in this file as an angry child who thinks the whole world is out to get him, a very difficult child for a single woman to bring up on her own. That said I was obviously pretty bright and could have with the correct dare I say discipline as a young child have made a lot better than I have with myself. Thank the lord for my stepfather who came along when I was 15.

If my complaint was ‘Why did the council / social workers send me to Berrow Wood School’ as you contend it is, despite my making it clear that is not my complaint, I looking at this file might even agree with you.

Berrow Wood School was not a boarding school for troubled children as the council / social workers contend it was a highly abusive borstal for would be criminals, that said I can understand how both the social workers and the council were maybe unaware of the same. I cannot understand how Surrey County Council can receive 3 written complaints from parents who removes their child from this school siting abuse and not even interview the child or for that matter then go on to threaten the parents with legal action for the same.

Just to make it clear my complaint is that a Mrs M********* or similar working on behalf of Surrey County Council did not follow up on the aforementioned complaints to the point I as a child was even interviewed and for that I deserve an apology. Would you not agree YES or NO! Not to mention failing to answer the 3rd letter where my stepfather asked for a constructive reply in a few days.

I can understand why these letters were not filed as I believe they show the council in a very bad light. (now there is an allegation would you care to challenge it?) You should have received a copy of my book by now with a copy of the letters and the councils replies. What you or Joanna Killian or her PA choose to do with it is for you or them but the fact of the matter is I have suffered years of mental issues that could have been avoided should Surrey County Council have provided their services with reasonable care and skill in 1985/6.

Let me make it clear I don’t blame the council for the abuse I experienced that is a matter for the paedophile and his maker but I blame the council for failing to follow up on these complaints to the point I was even interviewed when I was a child.

All I’m asking for is an apology. Is it that hard for the council to admit they have not provided their services with reasonable care and skill?

Maybe I will actually get a reply from Joanna Killian or her PA or the legal department of Surrey County Council in due course (the people to whom my complaint was addressed)

Yours sincerely

D*********** Sent from Mail for Windows 10