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Having for years suffered with mental issues you might expect me to sell my book for a lot more than £2 after maybe having it written by an author and make a few quid doing it but I can genuinely tell you making money is not the be all and most important thing in life.

I spent so many years fearful of anybody working things out and judging me as a result of the abuse I experienced in my childhood. I found it so easy to keep away from anything that might trigger a memory or have me talking about my childhood. I severed contact with all my childhood friends and found myself living in what you might call a bubble afrade to experience new things. Every time I saw what you might call danger or conflict I simply walked away. Then one day I found myself attending my sons school. I could bluff my way through junior school as for one thing all the staff were women. My eldest son is autistic and the staff in junior school just seemed to know what they were doing. He was also a member of the local cub group and their leader Tony just had a way with him. Then came the nightmare that was George Abbot School in Guildford. The first thing I heard his special needs teacher say about him after reading his school file was "Oh shit he is only level 2 we'll loose him next year." That was the trigger that set off what you might call my mental issues. It was not so much what was said but the attitude that went with it. I just froze and it was like reliving my entire childhood in a flashback. I knew I needed help and I knew it would not come from my wife, Daniel's mother. All I ever asked of George Abbot School after a few issues in school and the social worker they then forced onto my family was to phone Daniel's scout leader but they just point blank refused. Then upon my 5th request to his special needs teacher I was clearly and falsely accused of abusing him. This a week after that the social worker forced onto our family told me there was nothing to worry about and she was going to close her case. Now the social worker told me CAMHS who had not even met the lad were suggesting he should be in care. A week or so after that I was in hospital suffering a nervous breakdown. A month after that my wife we'll call her Laura had walked out on the family with no warning and a text message not to be seen or heard from in a number of months. I maintain if George Abbot School or this useless social worker had provided their services with reasonable care and skill by either contacting the prior school or making my phone call to Daniel's scout leader rather than falsely accusing me of child abuse none of that would have happened. Just listen to a few of the recordings on the this page and make up your own mind.

OK if I had not experienced childhood sexual abuse I might have been able to handle things better but I like 1 in 20 others have an irrational fear of certain people and memories I just don't want.

Anyway don't spend your money lining my pockets follow this link and maybe spend your money helping the next child by donating something to the NSPCC who run childline in the UK.