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I could not beleive it when I received this from Laura's solicitor. We had sat down in a local pub (I recorded that as well) and agreed terms of our divorce then once Laura's solicitor spoke to her suggesting she make a cross petition in order to seemingly save a few quid she came out with this rubbish. All she had done was take my worst fear turn the whole lot around making herself the victim and me the villain. Now I, after 15 years knew Laura could tell stories better than pinocchio but this rubbish caused me a second nurvous breakdown as I beleived nobody would believe a woman would write something like this unless there was at least something in it. What followed was the first incarnation of this website and a letter to Laura's solicitor calling her bluff after I told as many people as possible starting with Laura's father and sister. I had by this time got hold of a copy of our son's school and teachers notes file where it states amongst other things 'Mother seems disinterested' and 'mother did not seem too concerned when the child was talking about suicide.' Laura lost everything, Kids, house and costs. Then she did her best to get out of paying child maintenance with a few more stories but the CSA and DWP saw through them. As for the knife, would you not hit the roof if you found your 8 year old son home alone with a 6 inch glazing knife left lying on the floor in the living room. As for the fridge, I was simple cleaning the tip of a kitchen Laura was getting in the way and the fridge did not touch her. We were both in the doctors surgery the following day and she was in no pain then.